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Worlds class equine centre.

It's always nice to work with horses, so I was super chuffed to be asked to photograph the prospectus for Hartpury Equine College

Hartpury Equine is one of the largest equestrian colleges in the world, providing top class education from A-levels and equivalents right through to honours and Masters degrees, supporting more than 600 equine students.

If you represent a college, school or university and require some great photography please get in touch, I'd be delighted to chat to you.


Making business portraits fun

One of the nice things about being very experienced in your job is that you're relaxed and not stressed. I've been a photographer for over 25 years now so when I am photographing somebody I am completely at ease and this makes my subject feel at ease too. This is an important part of my skill set that has just crept up on me over the years and now I'm often told that it's a real selling point, especially in the world of corporate photography where my client hasn't got an hour to get to know me. 

Tricky job? No problem.

Sometimes my job can be quite difficult, here's a good example. I was working at General Electric Aviation last week and because of the nature of their business, almost everything was classified and of course couldn't be photographed. But luckily I've been doing this long enough to not give up and leave with just a mugshot. I spotted this glass display in the reception area and with a few off camera flashes I managed to make it look interesting and high tech, just what the client was looking for.

Hartpury College

Hartpury College is one of the UK’s leading land-based and sports colleges and I have been lucky enough to be asked to help them produce their marketing material. The campus covers over 360 hectares and is located near to both Gloucester and Cheltenham. Today it has more than 1300 students working towards foundation degrees, honours degrees and postgraduate qualifications in equine, sport and animal and land studies. Hartpury is one of the world’s largest equine education facilities and regularly wins national university titles in rugby and football.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Gloucester

2015 is a big year for Gloucestershire as the city of Gloucester will be hosting the Rugby World Cup. I was asked to do a publicity shot of the main man charged with arranging it, former Gloucester rugby captain, Adam Balding.  Adam is Gloucester's co-ordinator for all the preparations, so as you can imagine a very busy man indeed. Luckily he spared me the time and helped carry my kit to the top of Gloucester Cathedral for this shot.

Picture by Clint Randall

Aerospace Apprentice Engineers

I've recently been working on a project for Gloucestershire Engineering Training they have been designing and delivering engineering and training programmes for large and small employers for the past 37 years.  They are the only training facility in the County managed by professionals from within Manufacturing & Engineering industries.
Messier-Bugatti-Dowty MRO managing director Nigel Woodford talking to Mechanical Engineering apprentice, Kyle Gardner (18).

Messier-Bugatti-Dowty Quality Assurance Manager Graham Adlam with apprentice Jack Madley 17.

Messier-Bugatti-Dowty Mechanical Engineering apprentice Dougie Smith 18 with Technical Capability Manager Gary Murdoch.

Messier-Bugatti-Dowty MRO managing director Nigel Woodford talking to Mechanical Engineering apprentice, Kyle Gardner (18).

Gloucester Docks Long Exposure

I've recently been working on a project about living and working in Gloucestershire. My client has a list of the counties features that need photographing, the assignment is taking me all over the county and it's reminding me how lucky I am to live here. A couple of nights ago I popped over to Gloucester Docks and took this 30 second exposure picture. Because it was very windy the water was moving and this makes the water appear smooth. By using the self timer and a tripod lashed to a lamp post I could get the rest of the picture sharp despite the very long exposure.

Picture by Clint Randall

Small Business Photography in Gloucester

I recently photographed the cool looking biker dude Steve of Gloucester based Cathedral Flowers. 
He runs the family wholesale florist business in the centre of Gloucester. When they first started they trekked all the way to Covent Garden at the crack of dawn to buy premium flowers twice a week. Now they purchase their flowers directly from Alsmeer auctions in the Netherlands and selected worldwide growers, as well as local flower growers within Gloucestershire. Steve keeps in personal contact with their suppliers and growers, most of whom they have worked with for many years.