The Car Boot Museum

Yesterday I photographed a first for me; a car boot containing a miniature museum. The Car Boot Museum’s specially created wooden cabinet houses a collection of everyday objects, text and images put together by artist and writer Alice Maddicott. She is joined on the tour by poet Ana Seferovic to create a collaborative poetic travelogue. 

The project has been commissioned by Somerset Art Works for this year's Arts Weeks Festival

Alice is touring her home county to discover the secret stories behind objects and the local landscape. 

Visitors are invited to bring along their own objects which can be donated to the Museum or be recorded and taken away again. People can write their own ideas and memories of the area and add them to the Car Boot Museum. In recent years I've enjoyed working for a growing number of clients in art world who have had great deal of exposure through my PR Photography. 

Please do get in touch if you need any photography, I'd be delighted to chat.