Booking a photographer and making the most of his time.

Hiring a Commercial Photographer isn't cheap but you can get a lot done in one hour and therefore make the most of your investment. I'm a Commercial and PR photographer and although a lot of my clients are big companies, this still doesn't mean that a small company can't make use of my time and expertise.
Every business large or small needs professional photography on their website but my pictures can also be used in marketing material showing off your products or services to their very best. Stock photographs are cheaper but you will end up with a style that is very similar to that of your competitors. Having real pictures of your staff and your products encourages clients to trust your business.
Some of my regular clients think ahead before they book me and as well as taking the pictures that are needed for that day I'll also take some photos for any future advertising and promotions. It's very useful for any company to have stock images that can be used to promote the business.
It is sometimes disastrous when companies try and take their own photographs without all the necessary equipment and experience, setting up the lighting isn't as easy as it might appear and most pictures will also need some postproduction editing afterwards.
I'm much more reasonable than you would expect, my fee is £135 for the first hour and then £80 per hour, often an hour is all that is needed to get started with some nice profile pictures and some quality pictures of the premises.

Here's a great example of what can be achieved in a couple of hours. I did this shoot recently for JSM Gifts in Gloucester and I supplied them with Product Shots, Corporate Portraits and a nice Team Shot of all the staff, there were many more pictures, but you get the idea.