People with proper jobs.

Last week I was pleased to be asked to work with the NHS. I spent half a day with the staff at a new hospital in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. As always I tried hard not disturb the work flow, just sat back in a corner and photographed people at work. I was struck by how cheerful and positive everyone was, it's easy to get a dim view of life in a hospital if like me you read a lot of newspaper articles. I reckon I met the whole staff when I took a group pic for the NHS magazine and everyone of them were a pleasure to meet and a joy to work with.

I left feeling that I should have a proper job rather than just watching other people work, but after 30 years of snapping people at work I probably wouldn't be of much use to them.

A proof of the NHS magazine featuring the mass group shot. I took along a portable studio that I set up outside and photographed them in groups of 3 or 4 and a clever photoshop wizard stitched them together.