How to deal with a celebrity?

A celebrity or VIP can be tricky to handle, you know what you’d like them to do at an event or opening ceremony, but often everyone is too polite to ask.

After 30 plus years of photographing famous folk I have realised that all they want is some clear direction and no faffing about. For them it is part of the job, a normal work day and they want the pictures to be done quickly and successfully for the host. After all the VIP has either been paid for this or they feel passionate enough to support the cause.

My plan is to always find out what the client would really like in an ideal world and then set it up, when everything is in place I’ll ask the VIP if he or she wouldn’t mind joining us for a quick photo, they step in, smile and it’s all over. Everyone is happy, I then move out of the way and carry on shooting candid pictures from a distance.

Here’s some pictures from an event I did with Professor Robert Winston earlier this year.